Saturday, May 10, 2008

Redemption is Oh, So Bitter Sweet!

17 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful lil' girl who thought me to be perfect in everyway ... "I was her hero."

Through the years, she saw me for who I really was - a struggling single mom, who made (and continues to make) her share of mistakes. A parent herself who is afraid to let her children make their own mistakes and is constantly "trying to fix things", a mom who desperately wants to be a friend .. and now I am no longer her hero, but the one person that she spits angry, hurtful words at whenever things do not go her way.

This 17 year old girl has had to pay for my mistakes. Money has been tight. I can't always buy her the $100 shoes that she must have or buy her fast food for dinner every night. I am not always there when she needs me; the last minute ride to the mall nor do I always say yes when she asks if she can stay out til 3am with a group of friends that I barely know.

How is she paying?

She will be having a child of her own in 5 months. And while I do know that she is fortunate enough to have me as a parent who will do what I can to help her graduate from high school, pursue her nursing career; I also hope that I am around long enough to say those famous words that all grandmothers were born to say ...

"I told you so!"


Guilty Secret said...

Hi Granny-to be! (I love how you guys are doing this together.)

Money was tight when I was growing up too and I am genuinely grateful for that; I learnt not to expect everything on a plate. And talking of plates, aren't you doing her a favour not buying her fast food for dinner every night?

You are protecting her by not letting her stay out with friends she barely knows, and not always dropping her at the mall when she asks will teach her independence.

What I'm trying to say is, you sound like a pretty good mum to me :)

Granny-to-be said...

Thanx! Hearing that from a young adult female means ALOT!

Especially since my daughter reminds me almost daily that I am a lousy mother.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't know how lucky she is -
I, for one, would not have stopped saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" since finding out she is preggers!

Tink said...

Those words require a grandkid? I've provided my Mom with none (yet) and she STILL tells me that on a weekly basis! ;)