Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WWC: "A" and "Favorite Song"

Welcome to the Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Edition of the Weekly Word Challenge, brought to you again by Tink, the woman married to a future hairdresser extraordinaire.

Why are we not ready for Prime Time, you may ask? I blame Granny. She has been obsessively and compulsively working on the Daughter's graduation tribute video. The hours spent on that project left us little creative energy or time to get our WWC photos up earlier in the day. Those of you in the East will probably enjoy these a day late. I'm not sure how the time zones work for those of you who live in some foreign land, though I'm surprised you poor souls even have Internet connections at all. Either way, enjoy.


Favorite Song ("Rubber Ducky" as made famous by Ernie from Sesame Street.)

Bonus Photo (From around Easter, as evidenced by the bunny and extra-girly dress.)

We'll be celebrating with the Daughter the rest of the week, so you may or may not see us around much. Granny promises to be a gracious host for all our graduation guests, and Gramps promises to drink a lot of beer so he can pretend that our guests never showed up.

Have a great week, and join us for next week's WWC which will feature shots of a wildly drunk Gramps telling friends and relatives to get the hell out of his house.


kcinnova said...

Checking in from EDT here... I should be asleep but I'm waiting up for my hs junior to get home from a friend's graduation party. On a Tuesday night. I called him at 10:15 and he tells me, "Oh, the party goes until midnight." I said, YOU have school tomorrow!! You will be home at 11pm. Fair enough.
Sheesh, he turned 18 and thinks he can take the car and not tell us anything. Grrrr....

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your granddaughter to cheer me up. I will be humming "Rubber Duckie" in my sleep tonight!

PS: Really, we'll get to see a drunk Gramps next week? :)

Anonymous said...

Oddest looking rubber ducky I've ever seen.

Reb said...

So that is what you get when you cross a cow and a duck?

Lovely as always!

Fortune Cookies said...

If that isn't the BEST rubber ducky I've ever seen, I don't know what is!

Tink said...

Oh great, now I have that song stuck in my head!

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm with Tink, I really didn't want that stuck in my head but I am way susceptible!! Yipes!

Great photos though, as always of a most photogenic baby.

Cate Subrosa said...

Congratulations to the daughter!

With love from the centre of the frickin' world, aka Greenwich Mean Time, aka WE INVENTED YOU PEOPLE,