Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WWC: "Go Green" and "Square"

Hello? Is anyone there?

Yes, it has been a long time, hasn't it. And we have some perfectly good excuses. We've had lots of drama with kids. Our granddaughter was MIA again for many, many days. Granny has been dealing with some pretty rotten chronic illness. Gramps had a virus. Then he got just plain lazy.

And Mafia Wars. Yes, there was that, too.

But we're back. I can see from your blogs that lots has been happening with you, too. Before we go any further, everyone please go congratulate Cate on her new frickin' adorable baby! We're very happy for you. We're also terrified for you. It's a kid, and it's yours. All yours. You and Nate will make great parents.

Our own grandchild has been standing and taking her first tentative steps. She will be eleven months old tomorrow. She is still, of course, the most delicious apfelpfankuchen in the world.

Now on to the most recent edition of the Weekly Word Challenge. You may recall that the last time we spoke, Tink had been snuffed by a zombie alligator, and she was hosting the WWC from the heavens. Jay is her avatar on this plane, though some think he is a heretic. I am still awaiting further evidence, such as his turning water into beer.

We've skipped several weeks of the WWC, but we're back on track for "Go Green" and "Square." Thank you for your patience.

Go Green (The Granddaughter just loves to recycle.)

Square ("Grandpa, can you help me put this square into the right hole?")

Bonus Picture #1 ("I don't wanna go!")

Bonus Picture #2 ("HEEEELP me, Grandpa!")

Thanks for still being here, Internet. We love you. Please stay tuned, and I can assure you that next week--on schedule--we'll have more baby goodness just for you.


kcinnova said...

Welcome back to the WWC, Gramps! We've missed you & perhaps missed all that apfelpfankuchen goodness most of all. (Sorry, once again you are upstaged by The Granddaughter. You should be used to it by now!)
And you let her play with the beer cans -- what a nice grandpa!

Have the T-shirt said...

She may have been MIA, but she's still frickin' adorable!

Melli said...

LOL! THAT grandbaby is just TOO bloomin' cute! I don't blame her not wantin' to leave... who wants to leave the spoilin' house?

Sizzle said...

She keeps getting cuter.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I just want to give her smushy nuzzles.

Cate Subrosa said...

Aw, thank you Gramps, you are such a sweetheart! That recycling shot is adorable... now when is she going to start toddling? Because world's cutest toddler is all hers, but world's cutest baby... THE COMPETITION HAS ARRIVED! :D

Aunt Jackie said...

So great! She makes the best subject. You guys never fail!

I'm back in the game for now, I am trying. Mine are up for this week, I was checking you for this week, and hope to see you post in!!