Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WWC: "Warmth" and "Depth"

We're back on schedule for this week's episode of the Weekly Word Challenge, sponsored by zombie Tink and Jay. Unfortunately, no one has tried to blackmail us this week, so we don't have anything for which to apologize. That will mean low ratings for Old Before Our Time. Again. But we thank you loyal viewers for tuning in to see more of that baby goodness known as The Granddaughter. This week's words are "warmth" and "depth."

Warmth (Granny and The Granddaugher sharing a warm, tender moment.)

Depth (Somebody got deep into the cabinet beneath the grandparents' sink.)
Bonus Photo (This one cracks me up every time I see it. The Granddaughter looks so terrified. It's sort of a Home Alone look.)

We know you have many sources on the Internet for cuteness, and we appreciate your business. Please tell your friends and family about us--even the ones without computers. We'll be sure to give you the best baby photos apfelpfankuchen cheeks can buy. Au revoir.


Anonymous said...

Sure, there are other sources of internet cuteness, but your blog is the ONLY source of apfelpfankuchen cheeks!
I'm amazed that you always find a way to showcase The Granddaughter with the WWC words.
Hmmm... next week is WATER and the letter S....

Cate S said...

How has she got so big already?! Wasn't she just born?!

Anonymous said...

These are some of the best yet! So glad I checked IT out.