Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night of the Living Granddaughter

This has been a bad week.

You probably felt a disturbance in the Force when our Xbox 360 was stricken with the "red ring of death." It is a hardware issue that required us to mail our system in to the Microsoft repair center in Texas. The machine is due to arrive there tomorrow. I track the parcel hourly. Xboy and I are wearing black armbands until it returns home.

Also, just as disturbing is the fact that The Daughter received her learner's permit yesterday. She has been begging me to let her drive me in to work. Ever since I saw that piece of paper from the DMV I have been hyperventilating. I also have a strange pain in my chest and my left arm is numb. Also a massive headache. Yes, she is 18 and a mother, but this is California, and about 90% of the drivers out there have the skill level of a used Q-tip. I'm not ready for this.

In other rotten news, I placed a hold at the library for Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a mashup of Jane Austen's novel and zombies. I am number 218 on the list. Looks like I'll get to read it about the time I become a great-grandpa.

The last piece of bad news is that there are no Weekly Word Challenge words for this week due to recent events. There will be new words next Tuesday, so tune in. I forgot to post a bonus picture last week, so I'll post one today. This is one of my favorite shots of The Granddaughter. I call it "I Want Your Brain." She is going to make a great zombie someday.


Have the T-shirt said...

Oh yes, we suffered through the red ring of death here too.

You won't be getting any sympathy from me. When TJ's first broke, I thought it was like, you know, BROKE, and I was all prepared to sympathize. Then he explained that he ships it back and they fix if for FREE.

How often in the real world does this happen, that something breaks and they fix it for FREE, even after the warranty period?

Take off those armbands and quit your whining. Sheesh :P

Men *rolls eyes*

LOVE the pic...LOL.

Have the T-shirt said...
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kcinnova said...

Being a Nintendo household (Wii and yes we still use the GameCube as well), we have not experienced the mail-in-get-fixed scenario. I know that life as we know it would be in peril, so I offer my sympathies. However, I will not go so far as to don a black armband in solidarity.

I am too frightened about the driving to think.

That picture!!!! (And yet, she is still so frickin' adorable...)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

*a moment of silence for the X-Box*
And you'll have to do a review of Zombies.

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! Love it!

180|360 said...

You have the best lines, ever. :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Eek, no Xbox? I'm impressed you could bring yourself to write!

Anonymous said...

THIS is the photo to show any possible boyfriends in the future!