Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WWC: "H" and "Fade"

It is with mixed emotions that we present this week's episode of the Weekly Word Challenge. On the one hand, we get to show off pictures of our frickin' adorable granddaughter. On the other hand, we say farewell to our indomitable host Tink, who has ridden off into the sunset. Adios amiga. We'll see you again in that great Pickled Meat Eating Contest in the Sky.

And now, on to the words of the day...

H (The Daughter is getting help from Xboy as she changes a diaper.)

Fade (The Granddaughter is starting to fade after a long day.)

That's all for today. This little girl is growing up fast and learning to get into everything. Pretty soon we'll have photos of walking and then riding a bicycle and then getting married! It's all happening too fast. Make it stop!

At any rate, we'll see you again next week. You can look forward to either more photos of The Granddaughter or pictures of my ingrown toenail. We aren't sure yet.


LVGurl said...

This line:

"Pretty soon we'll have photos of walking and then riding a bicycle and then getting married!"

...made me laugh out loud :)

David said...

I vote for the ingrown toenail. Let's find out how hardcore your readers really are

kcinnova said...

The WWC isn't going away! You can still post here each week; Tink is just moving her headquarters over to crackbook... I mean, Facebook.

And even if she wasn't, I'd still have to come back each week for my baby pics fix! :)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Awwww. That's awesome. I'll miss Tink. I came across her at another blog that's since gone away.
She's so beautiful, Gramps.

Tink said...

I'm not dead! Geesh. ;)

Adorable photos as always.

Granddaughter does NOT look happy that you're taking her picture in the last one. You may have to pay for that when she's older. Hehe.

kcinnova said...

Whoop! I get to see them again.
You can never get too much of apfelpfankuchen goodness. :)

Kay said...

I vote grandaughter :)