Friday, February 13, 2009

The Pot and the Kettle

You may recall that I am an Xbox aficionado. I could play for days on end, taking breaks only to use the bathroom and get more beer from the fridge. But you have to understand, I am in complete control of my Xbox play and can stop any time I want.

You may have gotten a different impression if you read Granny's comments about how evil the Xbox is and that it takes her husband and son away from her all weekend. She claimed that if she had her way, she would smash the vile machine into a million bits. Keep that in mind as you enjoy the following picture.
Yes, that adorable sleeping child in the photo is The Granddaughter. And the woman playing Xbox while cradling that child? Granny.

You see, Santa Claus brought an Xbox game for Granny that included Luxor. I don't get the appeal of Luxor, mostly because there isn't any gunpowder involved. Granny, however, can't get enough of it. Since Christmas, her children have been complaining about the time Granny spends in front of the television playing Xbox, the game system she called "evil."

I think a retraction of Granny's previous statements is in order. Don't you?


Eva said...

i have seen many a picture of women multitasking like Granny, only that they were knitting. how unwise and usafe to be poking around your Baby or GrandBaby with two pointy sticks!
with xbox there is no such danger, only the benefit of it seeping into her mind at an early age.

by the way, i see her cheeks are still amazingly delicious. crunchy apples, chocolate cupcakes.

Cate Subrosa said...

Oh, look at her! What a darling little thing!

Tink said...



Another one bites the dust!