Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gramps and The Baby Boomer

There's really not too much to report from the world of Granny and Gramps.

The oldest daughter is a GREAT mother - she goes to school, does her nursing clinicals and gives the Granddaughter so much attention, we rarely hear any loud, piercing screams of hunger. Actually, it is a very nice - the ability to wake up almost every morning hearing coos of baby laughter.
Our Drama Queen - is still our Drama Queen. I took her to the eye doctor for the much anticipated contact fitting the other day. The dr. put the contacts into her eyes:

"Mom - it feels like there is a piece of plastic sitting on my eyeball."


"Oh. Grandma says I get my drama attitude from you. Do you think?"


Xbox Boy and Gramps are killin' me with "Left for Dead." Now, I've seen Gramps postings about the Zombies ... and I've seen his latest "ha!" towards Grandma and her playing Luxor; and despite his posting, that evil xbox system does NOT control my life - not like it does theirs.
Recently the oldest daughter upgraded her cell phone to the new TMobile "G1". It is a pretty cool phone with lots of neat games and other texting/calling capabilities ... My husband/My son - they found the "Zombie Finder" Yes, this phone will act as a mapping device and it shows us how close proximity the zombies are to our home.

And take 2am this morning for example. Gramps can't sleep. Where do you think he is? Yep, you got it - Killing Zombies! Why can't he do something productive at 2am? Ladies, You know what I mean - it would be nice if he would empty/load the dishwasher ... clean out the kitchen cupboards ... do a load of laundry - you know, the helpful stuff! Nope - He is KILLING Zombies!

Proving my point ... I have attached a recent picture of the Granddaughter. In this picture, Granny is feeding Ms Adorable her first cereal ... Gramps is in the background taking pictures and teaching her the sounds of the Dreaded Baby Boomer (again, from XBox - Left for Dead) ....



Gramps said...

1) That child is so frickin' adorable!

2) It doesn't really matter if the dishes are put away if we are overwhelmed by hordes of slobbering zombies, does it? Somebody has to save the world.

Eva said...

and i thought that was beer foam around her mouth.

the GrandDaughter has beautiful hair. we have been waiting for almost two years for our daughter to grow some.