Monday, March 2, 2009

Nicknamery Is Grandpa's Job

I take my responsibility to think up cute nicknames for the Granddaughter very seriously. If Gramps won't do it, who will? Granny already wrote a post about the nickname Baby Boomer. My favorite is apfelpfankuchen.

Apfelpfankuchen is German for "apple pancake". A couple of months ago, Xboy was making them for his German language class. I quickly made the connection between the Granddaughter's delicious cheeks and the German dessert. So, of course, each night after dinner I get my own dessert of apfelpfankuchen cheeks. As previously mentioned, the cheeks grow back while she sleeps so I can dine again the next day.

Look at those delicious apfelpfankuchen cheeks.

Editor's note: please think good thoughts for Granny. The doctor told her today she has pneumonia, something not nearly as delectable as apfelpfankuchen. Also, a couple of weeks ago, a blood test revealed high antibodies for the Epstein-Barr virus, the same virus that causes mononeucleosis. That may explain some of the symptoms she has been experiencing for years. She is at home, and Gramps is bringing her lots of beer, which has been clinically proven to cure everything.


Sizzle said...

That's one cute baby.

Eva said...

apple pancakes for a german language class, well that would cartanly help all the hate german lessons inspire in students here.

of course cute babies need sticky and sweet nicknames. we call our children something that would roughly translate into english as butterling, eggling and raspberling... it doesen't sound nearly as cute translated.

and poor Granny! be sure to open the beer cans (or bottles) for her, she needs all her strenght to recover. seriously, i hope she recovers soon.

bathing the GrandDaughter in beer, i see...

Cate Subrosa said...

Oh dear, poor Granny. Hope she gets better soon.

Can I rely on you to come up with a good nickname for my little darling when s/he arrives?

In the meantime, I want to nibble on your granddaughter too!

Gramps said...

Sizzle--'cause she takes after grandpa.

Eva--I love "butterling." Sounds perfect for apple pancakes.

Cate--I'll start thinking of good nicknames for your little one. It will probably have something to do with beer.