Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WWC: "Orange" and "N"

Today's edition of the Weekly Word Challenge is again brought to you by the makers of Pickled Beef, your supplier for all gourmet pickled meat products. This week's words again allowed The Granddaughter to shine and Granny to display her boundless creativity.


N (That's right, the letter.)

Bonus Photo ("Granny, you're not gonna believe what just happened in my diaper.")
That's all the time we have for this episode. Please tune in again next week when we will bring you another stunning set of photos of the World's Most Frickin' Adorable Baby (as determined by IntelliChoice, Inc. and viewers like you).


Tink said...

I know I'm being redundant but, AW! I love the one of her in the oranges box. I'm so glad you guys are participating. Your entries are always adorable.

kcinnova said...

Grandbaby with oranges! Hooray!
I love that she is in each of your WWC photos. :)

Cate Subrosa said...

She *is* the World's Most Frickin' Adorable Baby.

But be warned, her days with that title are numbered.

Just sayin'.

Gramps said...

All right, Cate, if you think you can bring on some adorability like this, go right ahead. The Granddaughter is ready to take on all challengers.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She's a budding Vanna White!

Momo Fali said...

I have a lot of photos of my kids like these, so I made an "ABC" book which helped them learn their letters and how to read some basic words. They're 10 and seven now, and they still like to look through the books.