Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WWC: "Opening" and "Spring"

It is once again time for the Weekly Word Challenge, brought to you by Pickled Beef, your source for all word-related products and services. Sit back and enjoy the baby goodness.

Opening (The Granddaughter is watching baseball on Opening Day.)
"I hate Jake Peavy and the stupid Padres."


Bonus Photo (Granny is feeding The Granddaughter cereal. This could have worked for "Opening," too.)
That's it for the Weekly Word Challenge. Please come back soon and see The Granddaughter, more adorable than English babies since 2008.


Karen said...

With a model like that how can you go wrong?! My favorite is the opening day baseball picture. Too cute!

Janet said...

Oh my, isn't she Adorable with a capital A!!!

g-man said...

Well done. What a cutie pie!!

Tink said...

I'm with Karen. That model could make mud look beautiful. Great shots. I really like the first one. :)

Cate Subrosa said...

HA! More adorable than English babies!

*creasing up*

Gramps said...

Yes, I agree with you all about that little girl's cuteness factor. I always say that she gets it from me.

Aunt Jackie said...

Sooo cute!! Great pics.

I'm new to you, via Tink's links!

Glad she put everyone all in a list.

Shania said...

What a beautiful baby! Edible cheeks, indeed.

kcinnova said...

She's definitely the perfect model.