Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WWC: "Home" and "Door"

Although Tink is back from her stay at the rehab clinic, the words for this edition of the Weekly Word Challenge come from Jay over at Cynical Bastard. It has been hot as Hades here the last few days, so the photographers were as creative as belly button lint. At least The Granddaughter is still frickin' adorable, and her cheeks are still juicy.

Home ("Welcome to my home.")
Door (This is the front door of The Granddaughter's home.)

Bonus Photo (Thousand-yard stare)

I know Ansel Adams is spinning in his grave after this week's effort, but you can't win 'em all. Please stay tuned for next week, when The Granddaughter and her servants (er, grandparents) try to redeem themselves.

In other news: WHAT THE HELL?! It is only April, and sun has turned up the heat to "August with a Death Wish" over here. We looked like roadkill after we had all plopped down in front of fans on Sunday and Monday. Even pouring beer down my shorts didn't help.

In other other news: WHAT THE HELL?! We all had dentist appointments this week. We learned that our family has about $2,000 (that's about 12 Euros or $6.50 Canadian) worth of dental work ahead of us. Hooray for us! Sharp instruments in our mouths!


Aunt Jackie said...

I just adore how you are able to incorporate the granddaughter and never miss a beat with the topic. Great shots!

Tink said...

Rehab! Lmao. Thanks Gramps. I love the last shot. I think she's reading your mind.

Jay said...

Ha! Tink's week in rehab. Hey, blogosphere celebrities are no different than Hollywood celebs! ;-)

Great WWC pics!

Tawcan said...

Lol Tink @ rehab. She'd cause a riot at the clinic.

Lovely pics of our granddaughter.

Reb said...

Tink in rehab - say it isn't so!

Love the photos - LOL $6.50 Canadian, I wish!

Cate Subrosa said...

Ha ha... "that's about 12 Euros" - yeah, I know how you feel!

g-man said...

Rehab, no wonder she didn't call!!

Nice shots. I like curved doors, way cool. What a cutie pie.

Farmer*swife said...

Too cute! How come I'm just now gettin' over here and everyone else on the blog block has been here for awhile?

I think I missed the invitation -- LOL!

Thanks for visiting me and you have a great blog over here!

Farmer*swife said...

I know what it is, I need to start doing the WWC again.

I keep promising myself. I really enjoyed doing it. ;-)

The grand baby is adorable....

kcinnova said...

Archways and arched doors! Too awesome. And of course, I love that The Granddaughter is our tour guide. :)
How can you deny the child anything, ever, when she looks at you like that?

Tink didn't call when she was close by, so I believe you that she was really in rehab. *snort*

We're supposed to hit 90 here this weekend, which is a little strange since I was freezing this morning!

Oh, and my mouth hurts because I have been to the dentist three times in the past month. Now I've pretty much reached my insurance cap and I have to wait for the rest of the work until next February. Oh, joy.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

She is so gorgeous and the love is in every pixel. Good pictures, Gramps.