Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WWC: "P" and "Favorite Movie"

Since Tink is in a drunken stupor this week, Jay is hosting the Weekly Word Challenge. His blog, Cynical Bastard, is a tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music.

P (Hooray for strained peas!)

Favorite Movie (You've Got Mail may not be our favorite, but it has special meaning to Granny and Gramps. We'll explain in a future blog post in a week or so. Or never.)

Bonus Photo

Bonus Bonus Photo

This concludes this week's episode of the Weekly Word Challenge. Please tune in next week when The Granddaughter does something so adorable that the United Nations Security Council condemns her for gross violations of the Warsaw Adorability Treaty of 1953.


Janet said...

You are frickin' hysterical! The Sound of Music...HAHAHAHHA!!!

Jay said...

LOL! The Sound of Music! hahaha That's hilarious!

I'm kind of thinking the general look and texture of those strained peas don't change much in the digestive process do they? ;-)

Cate Subrosa said...

I can't believe how big she's getting already! Those last two photos are so cute, I can totally see why you decided to double up on the bonus photos this week ;)

kcinnova said...

"tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music." ROTFL !!
Tink is my neck of the woods and I haven't heard from her yet. It's raining for the 2nd day in a row, so perhaps she is hiding out in the Smithsonian... we've been known to do the same.

Visualize Whirled Peas....

With that first Bonus photo, I thought you were telling us all about the classic movie "Easter Parade"

g-man said...

Wow I never really put that sub text to Jay's blog, but you're right!!! :)

What cute pictures. Save those for the wedding. Well done.

Jen said...

What a beautiful baby!!

Aunt Jackie said...

HAHAH!! So cute.. y'all are really digging this grandparent thing... but who could blame you with that cutie.

Well, except for worrying about age, the number, which I often do.

Lovely work!

Tink said...

That hat is awful. I can't believe she let you put it on her. Strike that. I can't believe you BOUGHT it. ;)

Great photos as always. You know I can't get enough of that adorable face.