Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WWC: "White" and "Mailbox"

I decided to get in on the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) fun since there is now a photographic muse at our house 24/7. The challenge is to take photographs that illustrate the words of the week. This week's words are "white" and "mailbox." Enjoy.

White (that's Granny's lovely arm in the background)

Mailbox (please take note of the bib)

See, with a baby that beautiful how could we in good conscience not take lots of photos?

Editor's note: said baby's cheeks are still delicious.


Tink said...

AW! Omg, those should be on Cuteoverload.

LVGurl said...

Baby in the mailbox CRACKED ME UP!!!

Eva said...

we have a very small mailbox, no way all that cuteness would fit in! i will be checking it daily, though. if you have any extra baby cuteness, just send it my way, i wouldn't mind finding a girl or a boy or both in there.

a long-distance squeeze of baby cheeks!

Gramps said...

Tink--I checked out Cuteoverload, and it looks as if they only like animal cuteness. I wonder if there is a Babycuteoverload, or even better, a Zombiecuteoverload.

LV--the thing that gets me is that she looks so happy.

Eva--I'll ask my daughter to get to work on another baby, and we'll put it in the mail when it arrives.

Cate Subrosa said...

OMG you put her in the mailbox! Cutest thing ever!

180|360 said...

I'm totally stealing the mailbox idea! :)

JerseyTjej said...

She is so cute and my daughter asked me not why the baby is in the mail box, but "did we have a mail box like that when we lived in America..?