Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Zombie Apocalypse

Granny hates zombies.

Oh sure, we all hate zombies, don't we? But they really irk Granny these days. The reason is Left 4 Dead. This Xbox game is my latest passion. Xboy and I have, I mean "invested"...many, many hours in this latest imagination of a zombie apocalypse.In the game, players take control of one of four human survivors--Bill, Francis, Louis or Zoey--and shoot, punch and burn their way through hordes of deliciously angry zombies to safety. The game has everything--gunpowder, explosions, body parts flying everywhere, and lots and lots of zombie blood. And that's just regular play.

The heroes--Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis

If you play online, you get to play as one of the special zombies--hunters, smokers, boomers and tanks. These specials have unique skills and are quite powerful. If there is one thing better than blowing away hundreds of zombies to reach safety, it's ganging up on four puny human beings and hacking, strangling and pounding them into oblivion.

The villains.

It is so good I have even created a diary of a survivor on a separate blog (When the Dead Rise Up), in case you are interested in important tips about killing zombies. Go over there every once in a while for some bloody undead fiction.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a real life zombie apocalypse. Just don't tell Granny.


Eva said...

now you started me fantasizing about a zombie apocalypse. some of the nastier neighbours and high school teachers turning into zombies would be the perfect excuse to slice through them with a chainsaw.

enough joking now, let's move on to what i really came for to your blog: where are the baby photos!?!?!?

Gramps said...

Oooh, a chainsaw! What a great idea. That's going in the diary.

Anonymous said...