Friday, May 1, 2009

My Silver Lining in a Very Dark Cloud

This past week has been hell!

Gramps left me home alone with two teenager girls and a 6 month old teething (yet frickin' adorable) baby, while he went off galavanting in the sunshine and waves of San Diego. He would like everyone to think that this was an unavoidable convention with his business collegues and that he would be stuck in a hotel room with an old geezer who is more talkative than what he can handle in a year; let alone 7 days, but Gramps - Granny is on to you!

I know about those 7 cases of beer stashed away in the trunk and under the passenger seats of that speed racer going down the 405 at 65mph. I know about the basketball shoes and your favorite 70s shorts that you tried to sneek into the glove compartment; even though we BOTH know you are TOO OLD to run up and down a court like you were back in high school. And yes, dear - I even know about that old, ratty, worn out catcher's mitt that you grabbed from the garage ... the one buried between all of your baseball cans from who knows how long ago.

Let me tell you kind ppl what happened while Gramps was away. 1. Some of my health tests came back ... more abnormal than what we'd like. I'm not dying or anything, but I do have to make some minor health changes. 2. The Daughter had a really bad day at the dentist office, starting with two teeth that needed fillings and ending in 48 hours of pain and tears. 3. The Drama Queen whined more than normal - about anything and everything, and wants to know WHY she can't have the new pair of shoes sported by the US First Lady ... costing $540.00! 4. The Xboy catulpulted to me off to Timbuktu in a rubberband slingshot, leaving me to die a slow and painful death by waterboarding. 5. I was left speechless on Wednesday when one of my favorite Idols was left standing in the bottom 3 ... 6. Our LA community joined the world, worrying about whether or not the Swine Flu has infiltrated our school systems. 7. I attempted to start the Twilight Series - three times - I don't get the excitement ... and the list goes on and on and on!

However, in the midst of all this downpour - while on my home from a cookie run the other night, I passed this 35-40 year old man riding down a CA hill on a skateboard. Strapped to the front of the board, with cargo straps ... is a case of beer. Because the stars were out and traffic is going fast in both directions - I slow down and let this man continue his ride ... right into the back of a parked pick up truck!

Hurry home, Gramps! In addition to the most adorable Granddaughter in the world, a teenager daughter who wants a pair of $540 shoes and a yard full of dog crap ... Your loving wife misses your twinkling blue eyes and loving hugs! Oh yes, there's a case of beer left in the drive way with your name on it!

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kcinnova said...

Methinks beer, skateboarding, and men on the brink of going "over the hill" should not mix.
However, I am in full appreciation of a cookie run. You sound like my kind of woman!