Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WWC: "K" and "Metal"

Welcome to the Homebrew Edition of the Weekly Word Challenge, brought to you by the Pickled Beef Pub and Brewery. Tink stumped Gramps this week, but Granny came through with flying colors. Her creativity and skill with the camera gave us just the right shots. (But next year, Tink, no letters! Please.)

K (Are those bottle kaps?)

Metal (and lots of it)

Bonus Photo ("The Granddaughter drives hard to the hole...up and in with the left hand...and she's fouled!")

Whew. I'm exhausted. Thanks to Granny, we got this WWC post off in time. Please be sure to join us next week when we'll bring you more photos of the frickin' adorable Granddaughter surrounded by a sea of wine corks and baseball gear. This is Gramps--for Granny and the baby--saying good night, and don't forget to tip the old man.


g-man said...

HA~!! Well done. What a freekin adorable kid. :)

kcinnova said...

How dare you foul The Grandaughter when she's shooting hoops! ;)

That is quite a bottle cap collection. I'm going to have to call you "Bert." (Remember Sesame Street and Bert's Figgy-Fizz bottle cap collection?)

Looking forward to next week's WWC installation of Too-Adorable-for-words baby pics!

Karen said...

Well this week was darn adorable but now you've got me sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to see the baby in the sea of wine corks! LOL!
You realize you could just show pictures of that kid that have nothing to do with the words for the week and we'd still come by to bask in her beauty, right?

Reb said...

Well done, she is adorable!

Tink said...

That's an amazing bottle cap collection! Is there a reason you're collecting them? Surely they're not just for photo-ops. As usual, the Granddaughter is freakin' adorable. I love those chubby little cheeks! Great job Granny (and Gramps). You know, you can take pictures of things that start with the letter too, right? But I promise you, no letters next year.

Cate Subrosa said...

Ach, she's getting even cuter!

*Has word with unborn child about how bar has been raised.*

Gramps said...

g-man--she is frickin' adorable; we got lucky.

kc--I didn't even touch her! She flopped! No foul.

Good memory re: Bert. I only have a vague memory of that; never could have remembered the name "Figgy-Fizz."


Tink--maybe I'll write a post about bottle caps someday. Also, I'm pretty sure there are no words that begin with "k."

Cate--I'm sure your child will be frickin' adorable too; just be sure she's named after a beer.

Cari~ said...

Too cute. Irresistible even... :0)

I miss her already!

Aunt Jackie said...

Wonderful and so funny!

Janet said...

What great shots!