Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Vacation Chronicles

Granny, Xboy and I spent the last week staying with my parents in the home where I grew up. I enjoy being there for several reasons. The first will be obvious when you see the pictures--there are no people anywhere to be found. Also, my parents have coffee ready when we wake up, and the fridge is usually well stocked with beer. A people-free zone with ample coffee and beer is about all I need.

Except my granddaughter. She is still in Ohio with her mother, and they won't return until Tuesday. Poor, poor Gramps.

The following photos were taken in the front yard, where my brother and I spent many summer hours playing Wiffle Ball. The house is at about 6,000 feet elevation, and the tallest mountains in the pictures are about 14,000 feet. (That's a little more than 1,800 and 4,200 meters for those of you who use the dork-tric system.)

The first shot is looking to the west.

The next photo looks across the valley to the east.

Mostly, we relaxed, played cards, watched baseball on T.V. and read. (I finished a wonderful anthology called The Living Dead, for those still searching for the perfect summer book.) We did take one day to go fishing at the lake in the photo below. The action wasn't so hot, but we did have the place mostly to ourselves. Granny, as usual, burned her nose to a crisp.

Regarding the fishing, I need to tattle on Granny. I hope you all can shame her into displaying proper manners. You see, she completely violated the terms of the "you catch 'em, you clean 'em" rule. As usual, Gramps had to clean her fish for her. The things I do for this woman!

Granny and I arrived back home yesterday, but Xboy stayed up an extra week. Barring any happy accidents (like winning the lottery) I return to work on Tuesday, so I'm trying to relax and savor my last two days of freedom.

That reminds me. If you have a winning lottery ticket you'd like to send to me, just speak up in the comments section. I'd be eternally grateful.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to call home.
I'm headed out west on Tuesday to see some real mountains.

PS: Granny has good fishing instinct.

Cate Subrosa said...

Wow, it looks amazing. Glad you had a good break.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is my kind of scenery.

g-man said...

Amazing scenery. Alone, coffee, and beer? That does sound perfect. Welcome back, enjoy the last vestiges of peace.

Have the T-shirt said...

That's a beautiful place! Lucky you to have grown up there!

Of course Granny doesn't clean her own fish...all women are required to do is bait their own you know NOTHING?!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Wow! I wish going home to my Mom's house was like this. It's much more stressful for me.
Fantastic pictures and I'm glad you had a good time.