Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WWC: "Blue" and "Happy"

Granny and Gramps welcome you to the saddest ever edition of the Weekly Word Challenge, sponsored by Pickled Beef, your supplier of Madoff-free financial products and services since 2009. Why is this the saddest ever edition of the WWC? By the time you read this post, The Granddaughter will have been abducted by her mother for a two-week trip to Ohio without Granny and Gramps. How can we be expected to survive for so long without that delicious baby goodness?

This is the most heinous crime since the Yankees stole Babe Ruth from the Red Sox in 1919. I am sure you share our pain. And with that awful announcement, on to the pictures of the week.

Blue (Bleeding Dodger Blue)

Happy (Celebrating Mom's graduation with a tasty banana.)

Bonus Photo (Climbing on the luggage that, in a few hours, would be loaded on a plane and winging its way to Ohio. *sniff*)

That, my friends, has been the Weekly Word Challenge for July 7, 2009. We laughed, we cried, we gummed a banana. Wish The Granddaughter a safe trip, and pray that nothing so horrible ever happens again. Until next week, this is Gramps, for Granny, saying, "Goodnight, and if we don't make it, go on without us."


kcinnova said...

Two whole weeks? That is much too long.

My children's grandparents were here for a week and have just left us. We won't see them again for 10 months which makes me very blue indeed.

Have the T-shirt said...

Deepest sympathy. You should never allow this to happen again.

Cate Subrosa said...

Aw, big hugs to you both. Try to enjoy your brief freedom!

g-man said...

Safe travels!! I'm sure you and Granny will think of something to do. :) Nice pictures.

Reb said...

This is a sad post! love the blue of the suitcase though.

Tink said...

Two whole weeks of no new cute pictures?! Where can I file my complaint?

Anonymous said...


Aunt Jackie said...

I'm with Tink!! I wanna speak to the Complaint dept!!!

Have yourselves a blast tho. you deserve it.