Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WWC: "O" and "South"

The show must go on! Despite the fact that the frickin' adorable Granddaughter is in Ohio, we are able to bring you the Weekly Word Challenge on schedule thanks to the photographic efforts of The Daughter. Our sponsor Tink (miniature fairy by day, alligator zombie by night) has provided us with a word and a letter for your viewing pleasure: "O" and "South." Enjoy.

O (The Ohio State University, for those of you who are into that limp-wristed Big Ten stuff.)


Bonus Photo (At the local park in muggy central Ohio.)

That's it for this week, race fans. We still have another week to go with no granddaughter around to make us smile and give us delicious apfelpfankuchen cheeks to eat, but we're surviving. In fact, Granny, Gramps and Xboy are off visiting California family as you read this. Maybe we'll show off some cool pics from Gramps' hometown when we return. This is Gramps, for Granny, signing off and heading for a beer. Have a great week.


Cate Subrosa said...

I love how you make a family effort to ensure we don't miss a single instalment ;)

g-man said...

I am an Ohio State fan by marriage. Nice job on the pictures, and just a few more days and you can eatin' some nummy cheekers again.

kcinnova said...

I'm all about the Pac10. I'm even planning to send my oldest off to a Pac10 university next year. But for now I am stuck here in what is technically "the South" for a few more years. WWC pics up tomorrow.

The family effort is impressive AND we get to see your beautiful granddaughter! Score!

Enjoy your beer (have one for me)!

Tink said...

Aw, it was a group effort! The second one was very well thought out. Great job as always.

And that's Zombie Alligator. Get it right. ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

See I told y'all to have a blast!

These shots are great!

Hope you enjoy and looking forward to more photos.

180|360 said...

She is just the cutest!