Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WWC: "Half" and "W"

She's home! She's home! She's home! She's home! The Granddaughter is finally home from her two weeks in Ohio, and only a day late for our Weekly Word Challenge submission. This week's words are brought to you by the slumping Tink, who almost took a picture this week. She was that close. The words are "Half" and "W."

Half (Half a baby--who is finally home!)

W (Playing in the water with her great-grandmother in Ohio. She also appears to be wearing a bulletproof vest...just in case. Or is that a suicide bomber's vest? With her great-grandmother, you never know.)

Bonus Photo (This is another shot from her trip to Ohio. She has eight teeth now. Can you believe it?)

Next week we will share more baby goodness just as long as we can tear ourselves away from nibbling on her apfelpfankuchen cheeks just long enough to find the camera. Thanks for joining us. Have a great week, and give Tink a hard time for being a slug.


Cate Subrosa said...

Oh my, those cheeks sure are edible but I think her bottom half might even be her cutest half! Look at those leggy-legs!

debedu said...

I'm hoping that vest (for bombing, drowning, bullet-proofing)fits you. I need the practice ;-)

Tink said...

Half a baby! Lol.

That really does look like a bullet-proof vest. Poor kid.

g-man said...

Half a baby is better than none!!

Welcome home punkin' :)

Have the T-shirt said...

Look at those rolls of baby fat on her there anything cuter?! (on a baby?)

Janet said...

I know you're THRILLED!!!

Aunt Jackie said...

These are great! You guys are such good grandparents (esp. for ones who are grans before their time!)

Great subject she is.

I see you guys didn't get em for this week yet--?

Sorry I am late and playing catch up... I've had tough days. :(